Juliana Authentic Jamaican Baked Cassava Bammy (Frozen) **Shelf-Stable Bammy Coming Soon

Tijule Stand: 2741

Cassava Bammy is a flat bread made entirely from the root of the cassava plant, also called "yucca" .  Cassava Bammy can be used as a substitute breads and biscuits at mealtime.  It can be microwaved, steamed, baked, grilled or fried.  It is the perfect accompaniment to baked fish, steamed fish, fried or grilled fish; to soups, stews, ackee and saltfish, callaloo, or buttered and enjoyed on its own.

The Juliana's Cassava Bammy is GLUTEN FREE. Note that Cassava is rich in dietary fibre and is a good source for healthy nutrients and very filling thus reduces the need for constantly eating.


Cassava flour, water, salt

Units/Box per Case: 30x10 (50x10)

Net Weight per product: 10 ozs.

Case Gross Weight: 25.25 lbs. (30x10)


  • Bakery

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