Juliana Authentic Jerk Seasoning (Mild or Hot)

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Jerk Seasoning is an original Jamaican seasoning believed to have been invented by the maroons.  The base of the jerk is an intricate blend of pimento and peppers, along with other herbs and spices, combined with a symphony of flavours to make magic on any meat, poultry or seafood.  There are two varieties of our

Types of Jerk Seasonings:

  • Hot - for the adventurous and lovers of spice
  • Mild - for those who want the jerk flavour without the heat


Scallion, hot pepper, pimento, thyme, spice, salt, acetic acid, potassium sorbate (as preservatives).

Available Sizes:

Net Weight per Product:  10 ozs. bottles  X 24 per Case       Case Gross Weight: 25 lbs.

Net Weight per container: 1 Gallon     Gross Weight:  8.5 lbs.

Net Weight per container: 5 Gallon     Gross Weight: 50 lbs.


  • Ingredients

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