Mango Juice 2L

Real English Drinks Distillery Stand: 5169

Introducing our delightfully refreshing mango juice, blended from 14 sun-kissed mangoes at our fresh juice shop. It's the ultimate nostalgic taste, and so refreshing that we wholeheartedly agree with its title as the king of fruits. Each 2 L bottle contains 25% real mango pulp.



At Regal Foods juice shop, we ensure that all our fruit juices contain the goodness of real fruit. We hand pluck a selection of the ripest, juiciest and nectarous fruits for our exclusive range of refreshing drinks.
Mangoes originated in India around 5000 years ago and remain one of the most widely consumed tropical fruits in the world. Mango juice is packed with energising ingredients and contains antioxidants that lift fatigue and revitalise the body.



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