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Nature's Harmony Nature's Harmony
Herbal tea and tea with flavors & special additives are fast becoming popular all over the world. Hyleys has created an exceptional Nature’s Harmony collection by combining the finest of teas, herbs and pure natural extracts.
These teas originate from the finest plantations of Ceylon & China and the blends are pleasant in taste, healthy & harmonious. They are 100% natural and a true gift of nature! The teas are packed in special foil pouches to genuinely preserve the freshness and seal-in the goodness until the pack is open. Nature’s Harmony is the wise choice of energetic, health-conscious and active people, who also love diversity in taste.
A delicious way to health and wellbeing!
Instinctive features of Nature’s Harmony by Hyleys
-100% natural product
-High quality premium tea
-A wide variety of tastes
-Ideal for everyday consumption
-Individually foil wrapped tea bags
-Innovative and attractive slide & pick packaging
-Produced and packed in Sri Lanka (Ceylon)
-A unique combination of health features and pleasant taste


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