AgriCoat NatureSeal Limited (Mantrose Group) Stand: 4911
  • Proprietary blends of vitamins and minerals that stop the enzymatic browning of cut fruits and vegetables
  • GMO and sulphites free
  • Kosher and Halal
  • Does not impart additional taste, colour or odour
  • Easy to use by dipping or spraying  (no special equipment is required) 
  • Non allergenic
  • Available for a wide range of fresh cut fruits and vegetables
  • Custom formulations upon request
  • Developed with the USDA
  • Specialist formulations for banana and avocado
  • approved for Organic production
  • Vegan and Vegetarian
  • BRC AA certified site 
  • Global supplier

Maintains colour, texture and taste of fresh cut produce. The shelf life of cut apples can be extended by up to 2 weeks. Reduces the whitening in carrots, whilst maintaining texture. Significant cost benefits through reduced labour, spoilage and waste. Provides extended distribution time. Creates exciting new opportunities for fresh cut fruits and vegetables in an expanding convenience market.


  • Grocery
  • Ingredients

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