NatureSeal FS - washing and decontaminating fresh produce

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  • The First Step in processing, NatureSeal FS is an alternative to chlorine washes. Based on a mixture of fruit acids, NatureSeal FS reduces bacteria and spoilage organisms and is also permitted as a processing aid in organic produce.
  • NatureSeal FS is used to wash many fruits including pineapples, melons, apples and various citrus fruits and also crops such as onions, carrots and other root crops. NatureSeal FS is also used to wash certain leafy crops such as watercress leaving produce appearing fresh and natural.
  • NatureSeal FS is a blend of fruit acids and is available either as a liquid concentrate or as a powder blend for addition to wash tanks allowing produce to be cleaned and decontaminated before peeling and cutting. NatureSeal FS is a proven alternative to chlorine washes and has been accepted for use in organic production by ECOCERT in Europe and by The Soil Association in the UK.
  • NatureSeal FS works well with washing machines or Jacuzzi-style tanks designed to ensure lots of agitation. The product is monitored easily by measuring pH, if this rises outside the recommended range; more NatureSeal FS is simply added to the wash tank.
  • Other washes based on surfactants may cause excessive foaming problems; additional antifoams should not be necessary with NatureSeal FS.
  • Unlike other processing aids, such as those based on chlorine, NatureSeal FS is not adversely affected by the build up of organic matter (soil, leaves and other plant matter). This means that there is no need for frequent changes of wash tank water; some processors operate their wash tanks for at least 8 hours before discharging to drain. This can add up to a significant saving in water use. Chlorine, which is affected by organic matter, requires more frequent re-dosing and hence the danger of imparting taste taints. This requires wash tanks to be discharged and the water to be changed more often.


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