NIZZA Production The grapes come from the vineyards to the cellar in the shortest possible time and the grapes are selected to have the best resu[ts. After pressing grapes, the must is transferred into a steel barrei7where it start the alcoholic fermentation for 15-18 days, with controlled temperaure (28T). In this time, cleiestage process permit to have co our,aroma and tannic structure. Ageing: 14 months in French oak barrels (80% Allier / 20% Noisette) and 16 months in bottle Alcohol Residual sugar Total acidity 14% 0A-5 WI 5.65 gli Tasting notes: Colour: ruby red wit dark violet reflection. Perfume: elegant and intense bouquet of black cherry and plum, with hints of toast, sweet tobacco and coffee_ Taste: it is dry and fresh. The nose in integrated with touch of sweet spices and almond. Intense and persistent f i nish,well balanced. Food-wine pairings it expresses the best of itself if accompanied by typical dishes of the Piedmont tradition, such as salami, braised, mixed boiled. Great with the game cooked at civet. Service temperatu re: 18/20 °C

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