OEL 250 ml

OEL Stand: 1929
  • OEL 250 ml
  • OEL 250 ml
OEL 250 ml OEL 250 ml
Organic extra virgin olive oil from 100 % Koroneiki olives.

Our olives grow on our land in the Greek regions of Meligalas, Kalamata, and Messenia. Following a tradition that is thousands of years old, we harvest these olives exclusively by hand and have them carefully processed by cold extraction (not cold pressing!) to process our OEL olives into oil in just a few hours, afterwards they are bottled directly in stainless steel tanks equipped with nitrogen to maintain a consistent quality

• Transparent information about the product’ s origin, production, and constituents

• High polyphenol content (natural antioxidants)

• Our production facility in Greece uses state-of-the-art German technology from GEA Westfalia for the processing (newly constructed in 2020)

• Highest possible quality assured by light-protected cold extraction and optimal storage in stainless steel tanks with nitrogen seal ( to prevent oxidation)

• Sustainable and environmentally friendly

• Modern, contemporary, and eye-catching

• Several international awards


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