Pasta Toscana organic


Respect for the Man and the Environmnet

Pasta entirely produced in Tuscany using the highest quality organic wheat semolina cultivated in our region without pesticides and chemical fertilizers according to the old farming tradition. The production process that combines tradition and innovative technology with bronze drawing and slow drying at low temperatures give our pasta the right roughness, “al dente” cooking and excellent organoleptic properties. A conscious choice that allows us to taste an authentic product fully respecting the environment.

Pasta Toscana is produced with wheat coming from the fields of the Tuscan countryside where our factory is situated. From the mill to grind the wheat, to all of our suppliers, every single part contributes to make a high

quality product 100% Made in Tuscany. Traceability of the product is guaranteed from the field to the table.

Find out the origin of the wheat used to produce the pasta contained inside the pack. Our pasta, classic, organic and organic whole wheat with omega 3 is produced using only wheat coming from our region and pure water. The durum wheat we use to produce Pasta Toscana is cultivated within a supply chain composed of Tuscan farmers and processed according to tradition in order to obtain an excellent product with a high nutritional value.

We firmly believe that recycling is fundamental, for the planet and for all of us. On average, Italians buy 50 kg of packaging each year, in total over 3 million tons, of which only slightly more than half is recycled. For this reason,

reduction of the environmental impact of the packaging at Fabianelli Pasta Factory is one of our priorities. This is why Pasta Toscana, always 100% made in Tuscany, has also been 100% environmentally friendly since

the beginning of 2020: our packaging is recyclable as paper. Each pack of the three Pasta Toscana lines - Classic, Organic and Whole Organic - bears the seal 100% Recyclable Paper.

Available  shapes: Spaghetti, casarecce, Fusilli, Tortiglioni, Penne Rigate, Dischi, Farfalle


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