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Pebl Mints Pebl Mints

Introducing pebl… a refreshing new brand with GREAT tasting mints.

100% Sugar-Free and made with the highest quality plant-based ingredients, pebl mints provide a curiously strong and pleasantly minty experience that’s guaranteed to instantly refresh. Diabetic and vegan friendly, they’re non-GMO, 100% naturally sweetened and suitable for anyone to enjoy!

Their cute, collectible and very stylish pebl tins are 100% recyclable and unlike any other packaging substrate, metals recycle forever. However, their tins are designed for reuse, not disposal! Whether for stylish storage accessories, crafting your own candles or housing sentimental mementos, they're mint tins with a twist!

Whether you’re wanting to choose a better for you zero sugar, vegan alternative or a better for the planet packaging substrate that is solely intended for unique upcyclability, pebl mints are INDEFINTELY better!

One mighty peppermint flavour, two beautiful natural designs.


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