CORTESE Vinificazione/Production The grapes, harvested manually in the baskets, are selected in the vineyard and transferred to the cellar, The first phase separe the grapes and next, follow the soft pressing of the bunches, and then continue the process of fermentation and vinification in a 50 HI steel barrel, thermocontrollecl, Final bottling, Alcohol Residual sugar Total acidity 13_23 % 0_69 VI 5_05 Tasting notes Sensazioni: A wine featurng an extraordinary floral bouquet with clear tropical notes and hints of citrus. A very elegant white young and persistent and floral fragrance, aromatic, velvety and harmonious. Food pairing Ideal with fish dishes such as lcguazzetti fish", crustaceans and spaghetti with clams Excellent with fresh and medium seasoning cheeses such as Raschera and rtoma pimontese. Perfect if combined with "tonnareili caclo e pepe or "trofie with Liguria pesto sauce". Service temperature: 14 °C

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