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  • Pizza/ Pizza base
  • Pizza/ Pizza base
  • Pizza/ Pizza base
Pizza/ Pizza base Pizza/ Pizza base Pizza/ Pizza base

We specialise in producing own-label pizzas. These can be plain, sauced or fully topped and chilled or frozen.

Due to natural proving and fermentation, you can be assured that our products are enriched with a fragrant, complex flavour and a supreme texture. The extensive fermentation that Crust & Crumb prides itself on results in a lighter eat that is more easily digested. Every measure is taken to ensure the dough is not stressed during processing and all done in an ideal temperature controlled environment. 

Our most recent investment is in wood-fired oven capability to meet our customers’ demands for authentic restaurant-quality Pizza. Our 75 square metre oven built in Italy uses natural lava stone and is fired with beech wood logs from renewable sources.

The woodfired process (along with slow fermentation dough and hand-stretching process that preceeds baking) enhances fragrance, texture and taste, reflecting our respect for authenticity and tradition, and our ambition to produce the very best pizza for our customers.

- Top-Tier Pizzas

- Mid-Tier Pizzas

- Entry Level Pizzas

- Pizza Bases (Plain & Sauced)

- Stonebaked – Oval, 12”, 10”

- American Style Deep Pan – 16” Round, 10” x 14” Rectangle

- Vegetable Flavoured Bases

- Hand-Stretched Sourdough Woodfired Pizza

- Single Portion Pizza Twists & Slippers

- Restaurant Quality Takeaway Frozen Pizzas

- Extensive range of Foodservice Pizza Bases


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