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A delightful range of non-alcoholic alternatives; perfect for the picnic hamper, these juices are packed full of flavour using real juices. Our range includes a sharp and tangy Lemon Refresher, a smooth and warming Ginger Refresher and finally our summer essential the Rhubarb Refresher.


LEMON REFRESHER: lemon makes such a great tangy juice – it is a pity that most lemon drinks are so sweet. Our Lemon Refresher is the answer. Blended with water and fruit juices, the natural sharp zing of lemon juice makes this drink the perfect refreshing companion with food.



GINGER REFRESHER: our Ginger Refresher is spiced only with pressed root ginger juice and has a delicious warm soft spiciness. This is different to most commercial ginger drinks which add capiscum to make them more fiery, so please expect more ginger... and less fire!



RHUBARB REFRESHER: rhubarb is such a quintessentially English favourite for crumbles and fools (desserts not people!) that we overlook its juice. Its juice is naturally tart, but when sweetened with delicious pressed apple, it makes a lovely refreshing drink.





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