Repair + Recover : Turmeric + Ginger Shot

Purearth Stand: 2018
With one of the highest Turmeric contents on the market, our Repair + Recover Turmeric + Ginger Shot is the perfect companion if you need a little boost in your day to day life. With the anti-inflammatory properties of turmeric + immune boosting ginger you just can’t go wrong with this one!

  • 100% organic, plant-based & vegan
  • Sustainable glass bottles. We do not use plastic!
  • Add some warm water to make a HOT TURMERIC TEA!

These two powerful ingredients are said to have anti-inflammatory properties making this punchy shot a great immunity booster as well as aiding recovery post workout. We highly recommend it for gym-goers!

The natural goodness and flavours really pull through in this shot packed full of power!

Key benefits

  • Repair + Recover
  • Anti-Inflammatory Properties
  • Vegan + Certified Organic
  • Immune Boosting


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