[SHICKEN] Balti Curry

SHICKEN Stand: 1780

Our tender Shicken Balti is the closest curry to what most people in northern Indian state of Punjab would class as a traditional chicken curry.


Our Shicken pieces are cooked in a rich tomato and onion based curry sauce in a large pan as we would in a traditional Punjabi house on a Saturday as a weekend treat. The Balti curry is layered with spices to create a real depth of flavour and taste explosion in your mouth with the first bite and then every bite there after.


We cook our Shicken pieces in the Balti curry sauce so they absorb the spices and flavour of the Balti curry while being totally submerged in the mouth-watering curry sauce.


As always, the Shicken team apply their special #theshickeneffect to recreate this popular UK Indian takeaway 100% plant-based and vegan. We never compromise any flavour and the great tasting experience, which will most definitely make you wanting more.


  • Prepared Food

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