[SHICKEN] Jalfrezi Curry

SHICKEN Stand: 1780

The famous Jalfrezi curry sitting at the number 5 spot for most popular curry in the UK. The origins of this popular curry lie in the Bengal part of the Indian subcontinent.


When travelling around India and visiting some of the 5-star hotels for inspiration we noticed that the Jalfrezi was a versatile curry that could be cooked with meat, fish, paneer or vegetables.


However, what inspired our development chefs was how we could apply our #theshickeneffect to this stir fry curry.


In the UK customers prefer their Jalfrezi hot, therefore within the base of the Jalfrezi curry sauce our chefs started with fresh green chillies to really give our Jalfrezi a real kick of heat. Layering each fresh ingredient and spice perfectly to build the heat level and balance the flavours perfectly.


Finally infusing the curry with our Shicken pieces makes our Jalfrezi the perfect plant-based version almost too perfect. Your guests may not realise this Jalfrezi contains no meat, fish, egg, paneer or dairy at all and its 100% plant based.


  • Prepared Food

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