[SHICKEN] Rogan Josh Curry

SHICKEN Stand: 1780
The origins of the Rogan Josh curry truly lie in Kashmir where it is a staple Kashmiri cuisine locally known as Rogan Ghosht as this curry traditionally is made with red meat, either Lamb or Goat.
The name of Rogan Josh originates from the Urdu language which roughly translates to "red meat". This dish is traditional made in a curry sauce that is infused with garlic, ginger and aromatic spices and paprika or Kashmiri red chillies with the seeds removed.
As always, the Shicken chefs have worked their magic and recreated this popular North Indian dish with our unique Shicken pieces which are marinated in a garlic, ginger and turmeric marinade and cooked slowly in our Rogan Josh curry sauce.
And of course, it’s always 100% plant-based.


  • Prepared Food

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