Siberian caviar

Antonius Caviar Stand: 4021
  • Siberian caviar
  • Siberian caviar
Siberian caviar Siberian caviar

It comes from the Siberian sturgeon (Acipenser baerii). It is characterized by an intense aroma that will satisfy the most demanding caviar gourmet. It comes in shades from black to light brown. It is prepared with the traditional „Malossol” method which means „with a pinch of salt”.


(size of roe 2,6 – 2,7 mm)

It will crown any exceptional meeting, banquet or a dinner for two.


(size of roe >2,7mm)

The most desirable. Obtained from the oldest female sturgeons. This royal delicacy is characterised by a rich, full flavour palette. It is characterized by a large roe diameter.


  • Meat & Seafood

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