Soberts and creams

Grupo Zeppone - Origem Açaí, Frutus e Gelato Stand: 4341

7.49Lbs | 3,4Kg, flavor:

Cupuaçu cream - Origem cupuaçu cream in the right measure for those who own establishments such as açaiterias, ice cream parlors and restaurants or just for those who want to have a reservation at home of this delicious and exotic tropical fruit.

21.60Oz | 600G, flavor:

Cupuaçu cream - Different of everything you've ever tasted in a perfect size to enjoy alone or with the family.

Açaí mix with Cupuaçu cream - The perfect combination of the Origem açaí and cupuaçu cream.

Açaí mix with Penaut cream - The taste of açaí meets the delicious flavor of peanut cream in an incredible explosion of flavors.

Açaí mix with Hazelnaut cream - The strength of açaí and the delicate flavor of hazelnut, in an incredible union.

Açaí mix with Greek Yogurt cream - The sweet açaí with the sourness of the greek yogurt, in a perfect balance.

Açaí mix with Milk cream - The classic combination of açaí with milk cream, in a delicious creamy recipe.


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  • Snacks & Confectionery

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