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  • Sparkling Water System
  • Sparkling Water System
Sparkling Water System Sparkling Water System

The smart Sodapop sparkling water system was developed in Austria in 2017. In spring 2020 the KRÜGER GROUP enlisted in SODAPOP Austria GmbH based in Vienna and founded SODAPOP GmbH, based in Bergisch Gladbach, which is responsible for the international growth of Europe’s No. 2 in the market for sparkling water systems. With a diverse product portfolio consisting of stylish sparkling water makers, compatible CO2 cylinders, and high-quality syrups as well as accessories, Sodapop not only offers practical benefits in beverage preparation but also makes a positive contribution to the environment. Just one CO2 cylinder filling can provide up to 60 litres of soda water, the equivalent of 40 large disposable PET bottles.

Modern design and smart functionality: Our innovative sparkling water makers are creating a buzz in the market, attracting new customers with their simple elegance, ergonomic handling and practical functions.

Choose from appealing models that range from stylishly colourful to classic and timeless – all of which boast the brand’s outstanding reputation in the market. All Sodapop sparkling water makers are TÜV-tested and are compatible with the standard CO2 cylinders on the market, which makes cylinder replacement easy.

Selected models not only work with the robust PET bottles, but are also suitable for use with high-quality glass bottles that are dishwasher safe. Our sparkling water makers work without electricity and therefore achieve excellent sustainability credentials. 

The modern sparkling water maker from Sodapop brings a wide variety of beverages home – without having to carry heavy crates, keep a large stock or dispose of the empty containers.

When developing our high-quality Sodapop syrups, we focus on national taste preferences, trends, and innovative packaging. The syrups are produced under state-of-the-art production conditions. The tasty Sodapop syrups are made from high-quality ingredients and guarantee the best taste for pure refreshment.

In addition to the classic soft drink varieties Cola, Cola Zero, and Orange, the fruit-based syrups Apple and Raspberry are also part of the diverse beverage portfolio. Modern flavours such as Tonic Water, Bitter Lemon, Ginger Ale, and Energy round off the range and are also ideal for mixing cocktail-style drinks.

We fill CO2 Cylinders with carbon dioxide of the highest quality for our Sodapop sparkling water systems as well as for external trading partners. In future, bottling will take place at a modern production facility within the KRÜGER GROUP.

Our 425 g CO2 cylinders are compatible with commercially available soda systems and are sufficient for up to 60 litres of sparkling soft drink. In addition to filling newly produced cylinders, we also provide cylinder refilling services.


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