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05 Dec 2023

Sweet Baqar Khani

Regal Food Products Group Plc Stand: 3161
Regal Food Products Group Plc

Baker khani is a traditional puff pastry that originated in South East Asia, with a hard crust and biscuit-like texture. Baker khani is a delightful confection that was a teatime staple in Mughal-era Dhaka (Bangladesh). Today, it is consumed all over the world as a classic breakfast option that can be taken on its own or with a wide range of hot beverages including tea, coffee, lattes and hot chocolate.

Baker khani is an intricate variant of puff pastry that requires expert baking skills. Each scroll-like puff pastry has multiple crispy layers that give it its unique texture and delectable crunchiness. Regal baker khani is prepared with love from the finest of ingredients. Each piece of this layered, delicately spiced delight is a work of art.

Each pack contains 350 g of these puff pastry hearts, baked to absolute perfection.


  • Baked confectionery
  • Ambient
  • Halal
  • Long-life
  • Vegetarian

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