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  • Tonayan 1L
  • Tonayan 1L
  • Tonayan 1L
Tonayan 1L Tonayan 1L Tonayan 1L

Tonayán is a Unique Mexican Mixed Spirit Drink of Sugarcane and Agave distillates, sweetened and caramelized. Its Classic version is Alc.24%Vol. It is México's best kept secret.

The unique Flavour, its Eco-Friendly packaging and its Affordability are among the USP of our product. The product has no competition in our segment in the UK, there's nothing like it.

Tonayán is the type of drink you can bring to any event, it’s good for drinking alone or in mixes, and it comes in one of the most eco-friendly packages in the industry. Its affordability has been key to its Mexican success. Its strong but sweet flavour is loved by Mexican consumers to a cult degree.

Our bottles are easy to carry around without concern of breaking them and they come in innovative sizes and can bespoke them for a particular requirement.

The product has no competition in our segment and there’s nothing like it in the UK market.

Tonayán was created in 1958 in the small town of Tonaya, Jalisco. The same state that produces Tequila, but this is a different story. The creator of Tonayan was Don Federico Paz Osorio who dedicated his life to the production of agave and sugarcane spirits. Envisioned by Don Osorio as a “Mexican only” drink, it remained local until now. Its popularity is wild and almost a cult, among young adults due to its affordability, and among older ones due to its sweet flavour and a low alcohol content compared to other Mexican spirits. There is no social gathering in Mexico without Tonayan.

Tonayan is the 2nd most popular drink in Mexico just behind beer, and like nothing you’ve ever tasted before.


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