Traveller’s Collection

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  • Traveller’s Collection
  • Traveller’s Collection
Traveller’s Collection Traveller’s Collection
Royal Ceylon
The unique climate, pristine natural surroundings and fresh mountain air make "Royal Ceylon" Tea of the Hyleys Traveller's Collection truly unparalleled. Pamper your self with a few moments of bliss and tranquility with a cup of this magnificent brew.
1001 Mystery
The splendor and mystique of the Orient captivate and enchant those who indulge in the wonderful bouquet of "1001 Nights" tea of the Hyleys Traveller’s Collection. Immerse yourself in the fine art of exotic, exquisite pleasure.
Milk Oolong
HYLEYS offers you world-famous "Milk Oolong" tea grown on the highlands of the legendary Chinese province of Fujian renowned for the high quality of the tea leaf. A fragrant bouquet of elite tea has a delicate milk taste and aroma.
Moroccan Legend
HYLEYS Invites you on a magical journey of the Middle Eastern charm, to experience the delicate aroma and the alluring taste of "Moroccan Legend" This delectable blend is a refreshing green tea from our exclusive Traveler's Collection.


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