Unsan Un San. ve Tic. A.s. Stand: 3000
UNSAN UN SAN TIC A.S. was founded in 1976 and continues to grow in the domestic and international market with every passing day with its product and service quality with the Osmanli Un brand. The mission of our company is to always provide quality and health products to its business partners and acts with the vision of continuous progress and development taking international needs into consideration and renews itself according to the needs of the era. Accordingly, we operate with a daily capacity of 1600 tons in 3 factories as of 2019. Our company which exports to 24 countries on 3 continents from the Middle East to the Arabian Peninsula and from Africa to Asia, increases its share in the global market every year. Our company’s products and service quality has been approved by ISO22000, TSE, ISO9001, OHSAS18001 and Halal Certificates in the international area. We are constantly improving ourselves in the area of innovation and technology with the motto of “Good, but not good enough” by aiming at the best and continuously improving our product quality.
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