White egg liquid

Grupa Wozniak: Eggs Product Stand: 4021
We produce our egg liquids from high-quality antibiotic-free eggs thanks to specialized suppliers inside Wozniak Group. The properties of egg white in liquid form are widely used in the food industry and the liquid form gives high efficiency to our products due to their physicochemical and biochemical properties. Additionally, it optimizes the production chain thanks to the final form of the product - less waste (no need to dispose of eggshells).

Liquid egg white is obtained by mechanically breaking, filtering, pasteurizing, and cooling the protein separated from the contents of the egg mass.
- confectionery industry: creams, warm ice creams, cake mixes
- Bakery industry: all types of bakery products (bread, rolls, etc.)

Shelf life: 7 days from date of production / after opening use within 48 hours 


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