Yolk powder / yolk powder heat-stable

Grupa Wozniak: Eggs Product Stand: 4021
Egg yolk powder is obtained by mechanical beating, filtration, homogenization, pasteurization, and drying of egg yolk. 
Thermostable egg yolk powder has strong emulsifying properties and is resistant to high temperatures. This is extremely important for products that are heated to avoid separation (mayonnaise or dressings).

- confectionery industry: creams, warm ice cream mixes, cake mixes
- bakery and confectionery industry: chocolates, biscuits, bars, sweets, ice-cream
- bakery industry: all types of bread (bread, rolls)
- pasta industry: all types of egg pasta
- production of dips and sauces: mayonnaise, egg-based dips, and sauces
- convenience food industry (delicatessen): pâtés, meat rolls
- meat products as well as all jarred and canned products
- HoReCa sector: hotels, restaurants, canteens

Shelf life: 24 months 


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