Yumma Candy - Peachies

YUMMA CANDY Stand: 3610
?? PEACHIES SWEETS: Our Peachies are the bittiest of sizes but boy do they pack a punch. Bite into these juicy gummies and be prepared for a flavour explosion!

?? REAL FRUIT PIECES & JUICE: These golden nuggets contain both real pieces of fruit and real fruit juice from peaches, giving them their authentic taste. Each Peachie is made up of 7% fruit pieces and 7% fruit juice.

?? GLUTEN FREE: All our sweets are naturally gluten-free. We’re grateful that this is possible without making any compromise on flavour or experience.

?? SUSTAINABLE PALM OIL: We are proud to use only sustainable sources of palm oil in our products.
#ITSYUMMA: We’re building this brand with the motive to re-define the sweets aisle. We think you’ll agree on the first bite!


  • Snacks & Confectionery

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