Yupanqui Pepper GREEN PREMIUM

Yupanqui Pepper Stand: 3339

GREEN Yupanqui Pepper, Ultra Premium (grain)
Grinder 60g. / 2.1oz.
Dispenser bags (Valve) 400g. / 14.1oz.

The Yupanqui Green Premium .- Unique of its kind. Our low-volume artisanal process keeps its beautiful peel almost intact, and the grains are pleasant to the touch.
These grains have a really delicate and soft aroma, always fruity. Thanks to the position of out terroir in the center of the earth, we obtain a special color with a subtil phosphorescent shade.

Tips: Both Waylla and the Green Premium are ideal for soft meats like chicken and poultry. They´re perfect for French, Thai and Western Europe cuisine. Indispensable in pates and terrines. Combines perfectly with dishes based on whiskey, tequila, cognac, brandy, sake, pisco.

It can be used with red meat  and fish, however we find that with duck and rabbit it really makes a splendid mix, as well as in charcuterie and it's  perfect for seasoning various mustards. Its obvious use is in the "Green Peppercorn Sauce" and combining the black with the green in any creamy sauce will give intense and smooth touches in balance.
When serving, you can break it up with your fingers and sprinkle generously coarse pieces for immediate flavoring and scenting. You can use the whole grain on a grilled fish or any meat you want to have an impact without  being too spicy but providing a
different and perfumed flavor, it will make the
moment unforgettable.

-Coffee, infusions
-White meat, poultry


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