This year, IFE is proud to partner with the Food is GREAT campaign, a government initiative supporting UK food and drink businesses by increasing positive public perception and demand of UK food and drink around the world.

From farm to fork, at every stage of the food chain the UK is creating exceptional food and drink that’s enjoyed across the globe. Since 2007, UK food and drink exports have increased by nearly two-thirds, with exports now worth over £22bn, providing endless opportunities for UK exporters. Pulsin pic

Food is GREAT, led by the Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (Defra), and the Department for International Trade (DIT), supports businesses to take the leap and sell their food and drink products abroad.

One company that has benefited from the campaign is Gloucester-based healthy food brand, Pulsin. Founded in 2007, Pulsin makes a range of healthy snacks and protein powders to support weight loss, muscle strength and wellness. The brand currently exports to 30 countries, including Japan, Sweden and the Netherlands.

First exporting in 2010, overseas sales now account for a quarter of Pulsin’s business. This is only set to increase, with the brand recently securing a lucrative deal that will see its products sold in an additional 1,500 German stores this year.

Food is GREAT helped Pulsin identify new markets and attend trade shows in Sweden and Ireland. Co-founder Nick Bildner explains how the campaign has supported his business:

 “We’ve been exporting for over eight years now. One of the big turning points for us was getting in touch with trade advisers from DIT, who supported us with funding to re-design our e-commerce site to make it easier for international customers to enquire about and buy our products.

“Exporting is rarely straight forward. One of the main things we needed to consider was the legal and tax landscape for countries outside of the EU. We also needed to reformulate a few of our key products to extend shelf life to ensure they arrived in overseas countries with the same level of quality as if they were in the UK. 

“DIT’s trade advisers helped us overcome these challenges, and provided information about new markets. They’ve also worked on a review of the Indian market for us to consider as a potential new venture. If we can do it, so can many other local firms.”

The benefits of tapping into international markets are endless. Firms that export are usually more profitable, successful and resilient. DIT’s team of International Trade Advisers can provide support and advice to businesses across the UK during the whole exporting process, whether you’re looking to export for the first time, or expand into new markets.

If you own a food and drink business and are looking to export your products, you can find out more by contacting your local DIT regional office, or visiting, which lists over a thousand live export opportunities, and also includes general information on exporting and events.

You can also check out the Food is GREAT campaign on Instagram: @GREATBritishFood.

The support is out there, and you could be too.

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