From Dragon's Den To IFE

After facing the Dragon’s Den, Rayeesa is launching her new vegan range at IFE 2019

Back Background

DragonsDen2Rayeesa Asghar-Sandys is a passionate cook and teacher who loves sharing her native Hyderabadi cooking with others. Leaving her policing career behind, in 2010 she set up a cookery school, Rayeesa’s Indian Kitchen, at her farmhouse in Herefordshire.

After identifying a gap in the market for quick and healthy meals that deliver fresh flavours, Rayeesa created her own frozen curry sauce brand ‘Spiced by Rayeesa’ – inspired by the tastes of Southern India.

In September 2017, Rayeesa put her products in front of the fierce Dragon’s Den investors and received high praise for her sauces. The Dragons identified them as being extremely on-trend and, although she didn’t walk away with investment, her TV appearance did lead to meetings with Ocado, Iceland and Costco, as well as a dramatic increase in traffic to her website.

Since her experience with the Dragons, Rayeesa has appeared on BBC 2’s Back to the Land with Kate Humble, documenting her collaboration with a local goat farm to create her kid goat curry packs, and QVC TV, introducing the UK to Spiced by Rayeesa curry sauces.

The IFE Experience

DragonsDen3In 2019, Rayeesa will be attending IFE for the first time to launch her new range of frozen vegan curries, which come in three authentic, healthy flavours:

  • Spiced Sweet Potato and Spinach
  • Spiced Aubergine curry
  • Spiced Tarka Dhal

The frozen curries are served in handy 2-3 portion pots and range in spice level from mild to hot, offering an option for every palette.

Rayeesa Asghar-Sandys commented on why she is exhibiting at IFE 2019 and what she hopes to gain from her experience:

“IFE brings together the most innovative and exciting food & drink brands under one roof, making it the perfect place to form collaborations. We are excited to meet other passionate food businesses and hopefully start new relationships for our Spiced journey in 2019 and beyond.

“Since we’re always looking to refine our recipes and our packaging, IFE is also great to get a comprehensive snapshot of the industry and emerging trends.”

2019 Trends

Speaking about the biggest trends in the food & drink industry, Rayeesa said: “The number of vegans in the UK has risen by nearly 360% in the past decade[1], proving that the meat-free movement is here to stay. There has also been a growth in demand for un-processed and natural foods as well as dishes with reduced sugar.

“Customers are looking for healthy and ethical yet convenient alternatives that deliver on flavour and don’t make them feel like they are missing out. Our new vegan range provides exactly this: a wholesome and easy meat-free option that has all the richness of a traditional Indian curry.”

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