Andi Hirons

Andi Hirons

Group People Director, The Grand, Brighton
Andi is currently Group People Director at The Grand Brighton, winner of the Cateys 2019 “Best Employer in Hospitality” award, and The Richmond Hill Hotel. Now in her 17th year at the iconic Brighton hotel, she is responsible for driving the hotels positive people culture and is at the forefront of developing employee engagement and retention initiatives. From progressing the hotels future leaders through academy training programmes to implementing flexible benefits offerings, she is passionate about creating an environment for continual development and recognition among The Grand and Richmond teams. Inspiring talent and providing opportunities for those who haven’t considered a career in the hospitality industry, working in the local community providing opportunities/access to careers for those who may perceive these to be out of reach, is really important Andi – she dedicates a large proportion of our time doing exactly this. Her mission is to establish the hotels as the “Go-to Employer” in the community, first on the tongue of every Careers-Lead guiding their students career choices.

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