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Kieron Bailey

Kieron Bailey

Director, Otolo
Kieron has been described as a hospitality evangelist after 3 decades in the industry across operations and people development. He has become a serial entrepreneur, empowered with the skills and traits that his experience in hospitality developed. He is co-founder of EXP101, an events and content creation business built to connect people through sharing stories. He is co-founder of Otolo, the hospitality mentoring community that will enable you to retain your people through their development, Otolo was built to Support, Inspire, and empower your people. We live in a world now where we get to be chapters in the books of our peoples lives, where we work just as hard on developing them with the same passion as if they were to be with us for ever. Invest in your people, ensure they are better equipped than when they came to you and you will get to be more than just one chapter of their book.

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