The Future of Retail NEW FOR 2019

In the last ten years, the retail industry has changed dramatically. The expectations of consumers are greater than ever before and online retailers have caused distruption which has seen some of the world's biggest players drop out of the retail arena completely. 

At IFE 2019, The Future of Retail installation will give you the opportunity to experience new technology that is on-course to disrupt the retail experience as it is known today. 

With this new installation we ask, what will the retail environment of the future look like? What will this new technology mean for the customer and how can the food & drink industry benefit from this future tech?

But it’s not all about tech. With consumers now looking for an environmentally concious shopping experience, we will also be looking at how will this might impact could the future of grocery retail. What could a plastic-free store look like?

Visually stimulating and discussion-led, The Future of Retail will be a hub for anyone looking to get ahead in the retail market.

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