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The Wooden Spoon Preserving Company, Stud Orange & Brandy mulled wine spice kit

With Summer an almost distant memory and Winter fast drawing in, everyone, it seems is in need of a warmup to take the chill off and a cosy up in front of the fire. All you need is some hot water, a bag of English breakfast tea and the Stud Orange & Brandy from our amazing Weck jar range of bottled fruits. Just slice the orange and add it into your mug, along with a healthy slug of the brandy and a few cloves. Then add the teabag and pour in the hot water. When that’s done, just leave it to infuse for a few minutes then enjoy the taste of Autumn in a mug. Stud orange and brandy is just one of our range of premium bottled fruits in liqueur. With favourites including Cherries in Kirsch and Apricots in Amaretto, they are perfect for any Christmas feast. Find out more

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