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Al Hidmi Industrial Food

Stand: 1871b
  • Cheese & Dairy
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  • Cheese
  • Yogurt
  • Food & Drink (Foodservice)
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Al Hidmi Industrial Food

We are a leading company offering dairy products from sheep and goats in the Palestinian market since 1950.

We also have valuable knowledge of producing high-quality dairy products

Hidmi Food Industries started as a family company in 1950 in the heart of Jerusalem

In 1992, the company moved to the village of Bir Nabalah, north of Jerusalem, where we established our first production plant.

Over the years, the company has expanded to become one of the leading dairy and cheese producers in the country resulting in the establishment of a modern production plant in 2013.

Al- Hidmi Company invested in dairy infrastructure to establish high-quality equipment’s pasteurization, sterilization, and packaging equipment to be the first company to have international quality certificates and food safety in the Dairy sector in the Palestine

All our products from fresh and pure milk produced by direct deals with local Palestinian farmers and shepherds and milk distributors.

All our products are produced with high quality and hygiene by using 100% natural products free of preservatives, industrial flavors, and colorings.

Since 2016, the company decided to gain international quality certificates and food safety management certificates. In May 2019, Hidmi Co received ISO22000 and FSCC 22000, and HACCP certifications; it has also obtained FDA Certification to be able to reach global Markets.

By obtaining such certifications, Al-Hidmi Company is considering the leading company in Dairy Sector in the West Bank and Gaza Strip that follows high international standards.




The production and supply of high-quality solutions is a top priority for us, and therefore we focused all our efforts on facilitating the best quality conditions during their operations and activities.

All our raw materials follow high quality to ensure the best environments and safe conditions for product production. Therefore, quality control for all suppliers is critical. Within this range, Hidmi builds partnerships that you trust only with authorized suppliers, thus avoiding potential differences in the quality of its end products.

Hidmi is proud to have an established and effective quality control department. Specialized staff and equipment work together to carry out all analytical and microbiological audits required to ensure production under strict security conditions.


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