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COLDPRESS Juices + Smoothies

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COLDPRESS Juices + Smoothies

Our cold-pressed juices and smoothies burst with natural 'to the fruit' flavour and nutrients, with added vitamins to support busy lifestyles.

Cold-pressing (or HPP – high pressure processing) juices is our eco-friendly way of using hydrostatic pressure to keep bad bacteria at bay. Traditional heat pasteurisation not only kills bacteria, but also the fruit and vegetables’ natural nutrients and flavour. So cold-pressed really is best, as well as #1 for natural sweetness, fruitiness and goodness!

The integrity of our ingredient supply chain sits at the heart of our success – with our single orchard juices flying high as our bestsellers. We don’t, however, discriminate on looks: a lot of the fruit we use is ‘wonky fruit’ that doesn’t quite make the aesthetic cut for the packs destined for supermarket shelves – so it not only tastes good, it’s resourceful too! AND we press our juices right by our orchards, reducing our carbon footprint.

Any good quality juice should provide a healthy whack of vitamin C, (possibly D depending on which veggies are used) but we want our juices to go the extra mile. Our super juices provide between 20-65% of your daily vitamin B,C,D & E needs (per 150ml serve).

We are proud to be different with our hexagonal bottles, but there’s more to it than just standing out from the juice crowd: it means our bottles efficiently interlink when they are subjected to 6,000 bars of high pressure in the production process.

From single-orchard, hand-picked fruit juices to rainbow smoothies, each Coldpress flavour packs a real ‘true to the fruit’ punch, with added vitamins to help keep you as fit and healthy as possible. We aim to keep our carbon footprint as low as possible by pressing the fruit on-site at orchards, and over 60% of our bottles are made of recycled plastic (which we always striving to improve) –  so our juices are good for you, and the planet.

Our vision is to make cold-pressed (HPP) juice available to everyone, so you’ll find our juices are at a more affordable price point than over cold-pressed juice brands.

We always over-index in blind taste tests because HPP is a fruit-friendly philosophy – we treat our ingredients with love and respect.

We think juices today should provide as many beneficial vitamins & anti-oxidants as possible. The reason we talk about ‘super’ smoothies and juices is because we encourage our drinks between 20-65% of your daily vitamin B, C, D & E needs (per 150ml serving).

We take enormous pride from the fact that we work with the finest Valencian oranges, Pink Lady apples… because if you keep good company, things tend to work out.

As juice perfectionists, we have created our own state-of-the-art pressery in Spain, which means we’re beholden to no-one when it comes to range innovation and ingredient quality.


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