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Cyprus Potato Marketing Board

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Cyprus Potato Marketing Board

With the primary goal of satisfying the special preferences and requirements of consumers in more than 20 exporting countries, the CPMB produces a number of varieties which are packed in different sizes and special packages.

The potatoes of CPMB are certified with GLOBALGAP, TESCO NURTURE MODULE, SEDEX and GRASP. Also, the packaging stations of CPMB are certified with IFS (International Food Standards) and have full traceability.

The main varieties are:

  • Multi-purpose varieties: Spunta, Marfona, Vivaldi, Maris Piper, Marabel, etc.
  • Salad potatoes: Nicola, Glorietta, Annabelle, Alliance, Monique, charlotte, La Ratte, etc.
  • Floury: Cara.
  • “Mini” (Babies): Nicola, Charlotte, La Ratte, Annabelle etc.
  • Bakers: Cara, Marfona.
  • For frying: Cara, Maris Piper, Agria, Saggita etc.

The potatoes are packed in bags of 12.5 kg, 20 kg, 25 kg, Jumbo (750,1000 and 1250 kg), boxes of 500 kg and other sizes according to the requirements of the customers. Also in 3 kg nets.

The tubers are usually graded in 25-38 mm, 35-55 mm, 45+ mm, 65+ mm,72+ mm etc.




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