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Lollocaffè - Dical s.r.l.

Stand: 2011m
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Lollocaffè - Dical s.r.l.

Lollocaffè is the main brand of Dical s.r.l, the great Neapolitan roasting coffee industry, the top
level-evaluated company of the ancient tradition of Neapolitan espresso in Italy and in the
world, constantly in expansion but always tied to the original professionalism and passion.

The availability of wide storehouses, recently expanded, for the conservation of raw coffee
and for the storage and the distribution of products through sales offices, consent the daily
production of almost 30.000 kg of roasted coffee, including the daily production 60.000 kg of
roasted coffee for the distribution through Horeca, Vending and foreign channels.

Lollocaffè is an espresso coffee born from the warm hug of Naples, balancing and intensifying the best varieties of Arabic and Robusta, for an unforgettable taste pleasant on the palate. Sip after sip renews all the emotions tied to the coffee moment, home, family, relax but also energy and sharing, in every moment of the day, both at home and at the bar.

Lollocaffè has started a gradual path oriented towards responsible growth, setting itself as the main objective: “to have a positive impact on the community”. "We care about the future" perfectly express the awareness that our actions can have a significant impact on people and the planet. Responsibility has become one of the main Lollocaffè purpose values, guiding the development of concrete projects focused on social, environmental, and collective responsibility.




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