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Emirates Delights Marketing Co.

Stand: 1871a
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The Emirates Delights Marketing Company was founded in 2005 to operate in the date sector as one of the most important items of food value in human life.

Since the first day the company has adopted a clear vision of its activity is to make the dates as daily food in human life, as well as make the first choice of Palestinian dates in global markets.

Even realized this vision, the company committed itself to apply the best practices and global standards by the selection of the finest items of dates and packaged to suit the needs and desires of consumers.

The company derives its strength from its commitment to its customers and mutual trust as partners for them , in addition to the insistence of the company to contribute positively towards the society and the Palestinian economy , which led the company to produce many varieties and derivatives of dates such as dates serum , dates jam, dates paste, not only for domestic consumption but for the purposes of industrial consumption , and today the company is exporting Palestinian Medjool dates to many markets around the world.

Today the company employs more than 30 workers and employees, the company focused on the positive and deal fairly with the issues of gender,recruit more than half of its staff of Palestinian women with equal pay with men.

The company also owns several registered trademarks such as:Sultana,Dania,Addiafah , art and otherswhich is acceptable , and  satisfied to customers.


Palestine, State of


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