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“European Rice” is the distinctive title of a European program for the promotion of European rice. EASTH S.A. is the Agricultural Business Partnership of Thessaloniki (Greece) that proposed this program. Its members are 8 Agricultural Cooperatives located in central Macedonia, who hold more than 50 per cent of the total rice production in Greece, that is over 140.000 tons. Ιts 26.000 member farmers joined together to enhance added value to their products and particular rice. European Rice produced in Greece is a medium grain rice that stands out for its excellent quality, and unique flavor due to the location of the rice fields close to the river deltas and coastal areas in combination with the brackish soils and warm climate. Rice quality and safety is secured through the production methods with strict protocols (ISO:27001 & ISO:9001), in terms of traceability, authenticity, labelling, nutritional aspects, respect for the environment and the farmers and sustainability of cultivation.




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