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Fresh, fruity, genuine! That’s what our FRUIT PRESERVES are like. And of course, with the highest quality ingredients and without colourings or preservatives! As demanded by the old recipes still in vogue, our fruit preserves are not only delicious, but also low-calorie.

Starting the day like this is a real LUXURY!

IDEAL CONSUMPTION: to be spread on bread or with muesli, for brunch or to be enjoyed simply from the spoon.

Flora – (fruit spreads, jams, and marmalades)

We are a family company from Serbia engaged in the production, freezing, and processing of fruit. Flora has definitely managed to leave a mark in the local and international food industries due to the product’s perfect balance of healthiness and flavor. Nature is at the heart of everything. For this reason, we treat her gifts with the utmost care.

When our fruit has reached just the right maturity, it is carefully picked by hand and begins its journey to our workshop. Here the expert hands of our conscientious operators ensure the selection, washing, removal of any stones and cutting. Only now is the fruit ready for cooking. We add very few ingredients to the pure fruit: a little sugar, the juice of ripe lemons and a touch of apple pectin.

We heat the fruit to 60°C and cook it gently under vacuum for a few minutes.

In this way, vitamins and aromas are preserved and we obtain a wonderful fruity taste with a highest fruit content.




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