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Acetaia Giusti

Stand: 2011h
  • Food & Drink (Goods)
  • Artisan, speciality & fine
  • Cooking sauces
  • Table sauces
  • International Pavilions
  • Full service restaurant
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Acetaia Giusti

Acetaia Giusti is the oldest producer of Balsamic Vinegar of Modena and a global reference for high-quality Balsamic Vinegar.

Founded in 1605 and currently led by the 17th family generation, Giusti distinguishes itself through deep loyalty to the territory and tradition, combined with a continuous investment in people. This genuine vocation aligns with meticulous attention to detail, a pursuit of satisfying beauty, and a commitment to constant evolution, projecting the company into the future.

Distributed in 80 countries, Giusti is present in the best food specialty boutiques, exclusive department stores, and top-tier restaurants, experiencing rapid and constant growth in Italy and worldwide.

Grounded on an ancient recipe put into writing by the ancestor Giuseppe in 1863, Giusti production stands out today for DOP Traditional Balsamic Vinegars, an Historical Collection of 5 IGP products, 50 and 100 Reserves, new Sweet and Sour, flavored dressings, organic products, Gourmet and Mixology proposals.

The history, evolution, and affirmation of the Giusti brand are narrated through the company’s spirit of hospitality.

The family Museum in Modena hosts thousands of visitors annually from around the world, guiding them on an unforgettable experiential journey.

Additionally, our flagship boutiques in Modena, Bologna, and Milan welcome gourmet enthusiasts seeking a high-quality product that brings a piece of Modenese tradition and culture to the table.




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