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  • Dry, canned & bottled goods
  • Vegetarian
  • Food & Drink (Foodservice)
  • Grocery & Wholesale
  • Ambient
  • Food & Drink (Goods)

Van der Kroon Food Products BV (profile IFE 2024)


Proud of our many years of experience

In 1932 Gijs van der Kroon started the basis for a family tradition. In a small

factory in the South of Amsterdam, he started pickling vegetables. Over the

years Kroon Food has grown to become the leading specialist in the processing

of fresh vegetables into pickles, each with a unique, sweet-and-sour taste.

Already four generations family Van der Kroon is producing high-quality products.

In our family-run business we are well organised to make quick decisions to

respond to the market. Quality is our primary concern and you can taste it!



Van der Kroon Food Products B.V. is BRC certified. This means that

we work according to a food safety system that complies with

the requirements set by the British Retail Consortium and we work in

accordance with HACCP principles. This we guarantee a high-quality,

high-standard and safe product.




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