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Martinetti Cocoa is much more than a chocolate company; It is the embodiment of a rich cultural heritage and a deep-rooted passion for cocoa. Founded in the fertile lands of Ecuador, our company is proud to preserve and celebrate the ancient tradition of cocoa, cultivating sustainable relationships with local farmers and promoting the conservation of tropical ecosystems. We are dedicated to the production of semi-finished products for the creation of the highest quality chocolates, gourmet chocolate bars and other products derived from cocoa, each with a unique flavor and a story to tell, using only the best cocoa beans. National “Arriba” cocoa provided by Ecuador. Each stage of our process, from harvest to final production, is carried out with meticulous care and deep respect for the raw material and the communities that grow it. At Martinetti Cocoa, we not only strive to create exceptional products, but we are also committed to driving economic and social development in cocoa growing regions.




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