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Stand: 2011a
  • Exporter
  • Supermarket / Multiple Retailer
  • Chilled
  • Charcuterie & cured meats
  • International Pavilions

Salumi EMMEDUE is an italian company that produces sausages, salami and slices including the traditional Lucanian salami of Basilicata region. Our factory is settled in Picerno, a village in the heart of southern Italy. Our products meet the needs of our clients in terms of quality; what characterizes us is the reliability and the respect of delivery times, the experienced workers and the genuineness of products. Our goals are the full satisfaction of customers and of those who play a key role within the factory and the manufacture of high quality food products. The genuineness of our products is to be find in the strict evaluation and selection of providers according to their ability to meet the quality, chemical-physical and organoleptic needs of our factory. Thanks to the strict selection of providers, we accurately choose spices in order to create a balance between an ancient and precious tradition and the modern technologies. 




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