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Stand: 1531c
  • Dairy-free
  • Egg-free
  • Fish-free
  • Milk-free
  • Molluscs-free
  • Frozen
  • Organic
  • Plant based
  • Vegan
  • Vegetarian
  • Other Foodservice
  • Ready-made Packaging
  • International Pavilions
  • Non-dairy alternatives
  • Quick Service / Fast Food / Cafe / Snack Bar / Coffee Shop / Food Hall / Street Food
  • Meat alternatives
  • Equipment > Processing
  • Food & Drink (Foodservice)
  • Supermarket / Multiple Retailer
  • Online Retailer
  • Exporter
  • Equipment > Packaging
  • Vending

Veganism is no longer just a trend but an attitude of life. The practice of not eating meat and their by-products, derived from animals, is constantly gaining ground in eating habits and you are now applied by 5% of the general population. A vegan diet can be absolutely complete in nutrients, as it consists of the fruits that nature generously offers us!


Vgo company inspired by the new trend and wanting to support the consumer in his new attitude of life, proceeded to the creation, promotion and supply of 100% products suitable for vegetarians. The products full of nutrients to cover several of nutritional needs, such as vitamin B12, etc., offer the consumer the advantages of veganism and the tasty enjoyment of modern nutrition.


Now vegans can also enjoy a variety of dishes that are not lacking in taste and nourishment at all from other products. So, made from the purest ingredients offered directly by nature, the company has created them and added them to its taste palette.




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