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Irresistible Goodness in Every Bite: Introducing the Viral New Sweet Sensation, Froot Pops

Froot Pops Stand: 571k
Irresistible Goodness in Every Bite: Introducing the Viral New Sweet Sensation, Froot Pops
Froot Pops Founder, Ana
Born from a vision to reimagine the classic marriage of fruit and chocolate, our Founder, Ana, created Froot Pops in homage to her sister. Ana said about her inspiration, “my little sister absolutely adores this snack and can eat an impressive amount in a single sitting. I made some of the white and milk chocolate raspberries at home and my husband was constantly going back to the freezer for another bite.”

Crafted with Care:  

Driven by a dedication to sourcing only the freshest raspberries and the finest Belgian chocolate, we’ve taken pride in our unwavering commitment to quality, as we craft our range of chocolate-dipped raspberries, that are all about good vibes and great flavours in every bite.  

At Froot Pops, every berry is meticulously handpicked for its juiciness and flavour, ensuring a burst of freshness with every bite. Each hand-selected raspberry is then lovingly enveloped in velvety chocolate, creating a beautiful curation of flavours and textures. Our white chocolate generously blankets our raspberries in a balanced blend of milky, creamy, caramelly and vanilla notes.  

You can then choose milk chocolate for rich, milky cocoa with sweet hints of caramel, or dark chocolate for a fuller-bodied taste.  

Our Commitment to Sustainability:  

Beyond crafting exquisite treats, Froot Pops is dedicated to protecting the planet for future generations. For us, sustainability isn't just a trend; it's our guiding principle. From responsibly sourcing our raspberries to using eco-friendly packaging, we're committed to doing our best to help preserve our planet - because food should not only taste good, but also do good for the world around us. And as part of our personal pledge for our planet, all cocoa beans used in our treats are sustainably and ethically sourced from Ivory Coast, Ghana and Ecuador. 

Join the Sweet Revolution:  

We are a passionate team, dedicated to crafting delightful low-calorie treats, that ignite the palate and help create unforgettable moments. At Froot Pops, we're more than just producers of delicious treats; we're advocates for togetherness, joy, and all things sweet in life.   

"Our mission extends far beyond crafting delicious chocolate-dipped raspberries; it's about cultivating connections, fostering community, and spreading positivity," comments Neneh, the Brand and Marketing Lead. 


Froot Pops are now available to order via our website if you are a retailer and to purchase from select Pantree stores if you are a direct consumer. For more information, you can find us @wearefrootpops on Instagram or email us at  

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