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08 Mar 2024

Join the iSqueeze juice revolution!

iSqueeze Stand: 5110
Join the iSqueeze juice revolution!

iSqueeze is a forward thinking, innovative company providing businesses with the latest technology in juicing equipment since 2011. The company was founded by Elias Elbert after he witnessed the success of self-service juice machines in action across Europe and wanted to bring the freshness and theatre home to the UK.

Today iSqueeze is the largest UK provider of juicing equipment with machines in retailers, cafes/restaurants, hospitals, gyms, convenience stores and continuing to grow in establishments nationwide. iSqueeze offers the opportunity to boost businesses bottom line, with the latest in juicing technology, offering flexible payment options, and full and speedy maintenance of machines. The companies mission to make freshly squeezed juice as popular and easily accessible as coffee, with self-service machines to give people a fresh juice hit on-the-go without preservatives or sweeteners. Fruit is simply squeezed into pre-labelled, self-sealing bottles in front of customers eyes.

iSqueeze is continuously expanding its offering with juice machines to squeeze oranges, and pomegranates with the technology to extend to further fruits. It’s team of experts also source premium blenders, smoothie makers, and slush machines to suit a range of business needs
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