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06 Mar 2024

Leading Bubble Tea Supplier Tachungho Starts Onboarding Business Partners in the UK

Leading Bubble Tea Supplier Tachungho Starts Onboarding Business Partners in the UK
Total solution of bubble tea business with training courses and consultancy.

New Taipei City, Taiwan, Mar. 2024 -- Tachungho, the renowned bubble tea ingredients supplier, established for over 4 decades in Taiwan, is in search of new business partners, such as wholesalers, importers, and distributors in the US.


One-stop service for bubble tea business partners

With more and more entrepreneurs getting into the business of hand-shaken beverages, the popularity of bubble tea has never been higher, not just in Asia, but also all around the world. Tachungho supplies high-quality and diversified beverage raw materials to satisfy the varied and innovative global market, shipping to 60 countries, including Asia, Europe, North America, and Africa.

Tachungho provides comprehensive total solutions as a one-stop service that comprises diversified products, marketing know-how, a strong distribution network, education and consultancy of operating hand-shaken beverage shops, and vital knowledge about consumer behavior and buying habits.

“ Through a keen understanding of the underlying needs of every boba player, we are committed to providing individuals with tailored effective strategies, all for the win!,” shared Sam Liu, General Manager of Tachungho.


Introducing Innovative New Offerings: Elevating the 30 Best-Selling Products

With a deep insight into the diverse requirements of every bubble tea enthusiast, we are dedicated to delivering personalized and effective solutions, ensuring success for all! Our relentless pursuit of technological innovation enables us to develop convenient food ingredients, supporting restaurant operators in addressing labor shortages. At the upcoming exhibition, we are thrilled to unveil our groundbreaking products: "Quick Boba," "Taro Paste with Granules," and the beloved "Almond Jelly Powder," a staple in Taiwan's hand-shaken beverage landscape.


In 2023, Tachungho was honored with the Monde Selection, colloquially known as the "Oscars of the food industry." Each product type undergoes evaluation based on international standards, regulatory requirements, and industry guidelines. With as many as 25 criteria for each product assessment, the overall evaluation encompasses aspects such as appearance, flavor, product composition, label transparency, and usage instructions. Tachungho's products, including "Taro Flavor Powder," "Ceylon Black Tea," and "3025 Jasmine Green Tea," received the highest Gold Award recognition. These award-winning products will be showcased at the food exhibition, aiming to inspire more innovative energies and explore additional business opportunities.


To learn more about Tachungho and the future of the bubble tea industry, please visit the organization’s official website, or follow their Facebook.



About Tachungho

Founded in 1983, Chen En Foods adheres to the five core values of "Professional, Honesty, Efficiency, Warmth, and Innovation" integrating the supply chain of the hand-cranked beverage industry, and expanding overseas with the“Tachungho” brand.


We are Tachungho, the ultimate coaches in all things bubble tea. Our game plan is to equip our partners for success and nurture the next generation of boba players. As your guides to the world of tapioca drinks, we mentor, arm, and empower you to create your unique flavor and compete to win. Since 1983, we’ve been playing in Taiwan’s bustling beverage scene, the original home of boba. We’ve honed recipes, perfected techniques, and gained on-the-pitch industry experience. Now we bring all of that to our partners, providing ingredients for teas and toppings, beverage accessories, and tailored training services. Giving you everything you need to craft your signature drinks alongside expert coaching for a head start in the bubble tea arena.


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Chen En Food Product Enterprise Co., Ltd. (Tachungho)

Tu Hui Ling

+886-2-2249-7576 #251

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