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19 Jan 2024

Reasons to Join Boba Academy in Taiwan

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Reasons to Join Boba Academy in Taiwan
Lecturer demonstrate the bar knowledge and share ingredients sample

With a wide array of customizable options, bubble tea caters to individual preferences. This tantalizing concoction drives every taste bud going crazy universally. Moreover, the global bubble tea market is projected to grow from $2.46 billion in 2023 to $4.08 billion by 2030.
If you are fascinated by the art of making bubble tea and curious about how to break through this industry, or whether you are a veteran food business owner who wants to expand the field. Here is the answer.

Strong Mentors and Consultant Team
Boba Academy provides informative training that teaches you the essentials of crafting the perfect bubble tea. And our consultant team will offer services from menu design, store layout, and market strategy. So everything you need to set the foundation for your bubble tea shop is in the program, and our experienced mentors will lead you through all the preparation.

Complete Beverage Curriculum
You will understand the difference in tea type and acquire skills of tools and equipment necessary to make your perfect blends.

In this course, you’ll learn how to:

•Set and use essential equipment
•Cook the tapioca pearl with perfect texture
•Brew perfect ratio of tea base
•Make milk tea with instant powder
•Make flavored tea with fruit syrup
•Prepare toppings with jelly powder
•Crema, smoothies, creative drinks, etc.

Flexible Learning Path
Other than face-to-face classes based in Taipei, we also offer online training, making it accessible for international clients with traveling concerns. At the end of the course, there will be an evaluation to see if you have acquired the full knowledge and expertise to practice in a retail setting. And by mastering the skills learned from the lessons, you can build your delectable beverage independently.

Why wait? Start your training with us now and take one step closer to your dream.

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